My Visit to the Zoo Trophy Picture Books Paperback

Find out everything--from what elephants roll in after their baths to which bird might laugh at your jokes. Welcome to the Zoo. How would you like to travel from a tropical rain forest to the african plains, and down into a deep canyon all in one day? Then get ready for a wild trip to the zoo and up close look at all kinds of animals! See snow leopards lurking on a ledge, zebras and ostriches running across the open plains, and a tiger splashing in a stream.

Come take a visit to an amazing zoo!imagine traveling from a lush tropical rain forest, to a deep and mysterious canyon, to the wide-open African plains—all in one day! In this tour of a modern-day zoo, visitors get to see how animals really live. They’ll learn everything from what elephants like to roll around in after their baths to what’s being done to preserve wildlife.

Written and illustrated by the inimitable aliki, this successor to the highly popular titles My Visit to the Dinosaurs and My Visit to the Aquarium is one of the best ways ever for a young child to visit the zoo. Aliki’s accessible text and lush illustrations bring the animal world to life. School library Journal‘A fine picture book.

Kirkus Reviews.

The View At The Zoo

Walking on all kinds of feet, dancing to an inner beat. Hear the silly sounds they speak, as they howl and squawk and shriek! But just who is talking about whom? With a clever twist of text and bright and festive illustrations, this picture book will have children begging for a trip to the zoo. Ages 4-8. Soon their human visitors arrive, what silly things they do, and the observations begin to flow: My, all these creatures at the zoo.

A new format for this humorous twist on a visit to the zoo, just who has the more interesting view? As morning dawns, comb their hair, the zookeeper makes his rounds, exhorting the animals to wake up, and stand up straight. Babies riding on their backs, on their bellies, snug in sacks.

My Visit to the Aquarium Trophy Picture Books Paperback

Outstanding science trade books for children 1994 nsta/cbc1993 "Pick of the Lists" ABA1996 Garden State NJ Children's Nonfiction Award. A versatile author at her best. In the large, cheerful illustrations, action-filled spreads are varied with portrait vignettes, and underwater scenes with the visitors’ enthusiastic responses.

K. Children and adults of various ages, races, and physical abilities tour a public aquarium to look at many of the world’s marine creatures. The language is almost lyrical…and the story is alive with color and action. Slj.


The busy pictures are filled with details and action. Then the crowds flock in. Outstanding science trade Books for Children 1987 NSTA/CBC. The writing is crisp, clear, and informative. Slj. Before the zoo opens each day a small army of keepers, vendors, and maintenance workers perform the daily tasks of cleaning and setting up.


I Want to Be a Zookeeper

Easy-to-read captions and color photographs of women and men from different cultures help children understand what's involved in each occupation. Used book in Good Condition. They are certain to spark questions and encourage dialogue and prompt children to learn more about these occupations. The i want to Be.

. These books are perfect for reading alone or in group story times. Young readers learn to respect the importance of doing a job well and appreciate the contributions these workers make to our life and the world around us. Series gives young children a realistic insight into the working day of adults.

The Zoo: A 4D Book A Visit to...

This book includes a video, which launches via a 4D app. Used book in Good Condition. Text and photographs take readers on a visit to the zoo including descriptions of the things, people, and animals found there.

A Trip to the Zoo DK Readers, Level 1

With dk readers, children will learn to read—then read to learn! Used book in Good Condition. Join billy and Matt for a day at the zoo. It's a chance to see and learn about all kinds of animals—from a hungry giraffe to performing sea lions!Stunning photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate stories in DK Readers, a multilevel reading program guaranteed to capture children's interest while developing their reading skills and general knowledge.


Z Is for Zookeeper: A Zoo Alphabet Science Alphabet

Who better to write an exploration into this trade than a zookeeper and his wife? Roland Smith brings his 20 years of experience and passion to every line in Z is for Zookeeper. In z is for zookeeper: a Zoo Alphabet children will learn that he's probably the busiest person there. And if you don't see the zookeepers, rest assured they're doing their job and doing it well.

The zoo is a great place to see animals from all over the world in one place. But who takes care of them and their home the zoo? The zookeeper. Children will have a front seat into the inner workings, challenges and rewards of a day in the life of the zoo. Used book in Good Condition. The polar bear are splashing in their pool.

This trip to the zoo wouldn't be complete without the whimsical animals and settings that spring from school-favorite artist's Henry Cole's expert brush strokes. After all, someone has to feed, clean, nurse and clean up after this diverse adopted family. As a great keepsake of a fun day or as an educational tool on career day or a fun read before lights out, this detailed account of the zookeeper is sure to change the way readers see the zoo.

The lion peacefully observes his surroundings. The monkeys are having the time of their lives in the trees.

'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day Arbordale Collection

The llamas won t quit spitting, the giraffes are drooling, and the zebras aren t happy at all with their stripes. Meanwhile, ringing mealtime bells, cleaning up poop, the zoo keepers are scurrying this way and that, and trying to get the animals bathed. Children's choice award this delightful adaptation of Twas the Night Before Christmas, shares zoo keeper and animal preparations for the upcoming Zoo Day.

. 4 pg for creative minds educational section in the back 33 pg cross-curricular teaching activities and 3 Interactive Quizzes available free on the book's homepage eBooks with Auto-Flip, Reading Counts, AR, Guided Reading, Auto-Read and selectable English and Spanish text and audio Aligned to State Standards / Lexile, and Fountas & Pinnell Used book in Good Condition.

Will zoo day go off without a hitch? the for Creative Minds educational section includes Creative Sparks: imagine you re a zoo keeper, and An Animal Adaptation Matching Activity. But things aren t going according to plan.

If I Ran the Zoo Classic Seuss

Dr. Gerald mcgrew imagines the myriad of animals he’d have in his very own zoo, and the adventures he’ll have to go on in order to gather them all. In fact, one of gerald’s creatures has even become a part of the language: the Nerd! Used book in Good Condition. Seuss’s caldecott honor–winning picture book If I Ran the Zoo.

. Featuring everything from a lion with ten feet to a Fizza-ma-Wizza-ma-Dill, this is a classic Seussian crowd-pleaser. Seuss. Animals abound in Dr.

1, 2, 3 to the Zoo: A Counting Book

Midwest book Review Used book in Good Condition. Early learners will find the whimsical pictures appealing as they learn the beginning rudiments of numbers and counting. Philomel Books. Dr. This board book combines simple counting with Carle's unusual illustrations of animals. Seuss.